General MMO, That feels diffrent.

User Rating: 8 | City of Heroes PC
Well, Let me start by saying There's nothing different about this title, It's just another MMO that seems Diffrent.

Super Powers, Yes, Yes, It's true you get super powers, But they suck until higher levels, You can get Flight, Jumping, Super Speed ETC But, At lowers levels you get: Slow-As-Crap-Flying, Not-So-High-Jumping, And of course, Punches, And other random crap substituting for Super Speed, Now this bugged me at first because i'm a slow... Level-Up-Er, But maybe you can Level up Faster then Jason Giambi can cram steroids up his *** , If that's the case, You have alot going for you.

Character Customization, Indeed! The character creation in this, Is the best to say the Least, There has to be over at least 160+ parts that you can put on your pimped out.. Super Pimp, And as you do more and more missions you unlock even more pimp stuff.

Graphics, The graphical goodness that goes into every nook and cranny of the world Isn't so great, The graphics on character models however.. Are quite purrty.. So the all and all the graphics are good enough.

Gameplay, Well.. Like i said in the begging this game only seems different, The gameplay is like any other MMO, Except instead of shooting fireballs out of a stick, It pops out of your hand, You have a Sword, But it's made of Flame, You have Shiny Armor, But it's not shiny at all it's Rock Armor, Or maybe you like archers, TO BAD, You get a High Tech bow, SO HA, So, The gameplay ends up like Every Other MMO, Except your running around in Spandex.

All and all, I did enjoy this game, You'll probably enjoy it to, So go on, Buy it.