This is one of many MMORPG's that I play and it happens to be one of the few I keep coming back to.

User Rating: 9 | City of Heroes PC
I don't play MMO's for a long period of time and I don't normally go back to them after my initial venture into playing them but this game happens to be one of the few exceptions. That may be partially because I pay for it but really, I do enjoy playing this game for the sake of paying it. The character creation is very unique and has multiple different options. And with all the different power sets, you can make hundreds of different character types.
They have come out with many different updates and is now at the point where you can customize everything including how your powers look when you use them so it looks even more customized then before. And every character, weather they use the same powers or not, actually looks different. There are some interesting story arks and raids though I haven't been on even half of them and really, you can work this game solo only to a point when you then must work as a team. And usually, that point is when you turn level 50, the level cap for this game.