Compared to similar games (Simcity) this game is a let down.

User Rating: 5.5 | Cities XL PC
As a previous Simcity fan, I purchased this gaming thinking it was a more polished version of Simcity. The gameplay is more or less the same as Simcity but the fun is greatly lower. The graphics are better but graphics doesn't give a game replay value; which is what this game lacks.
I purchased this game after the developers pulled the multiplayer, which I thought of as a nice touch to the game. It not only allowed you to visit other player's cities but also gave you the option of creating a strong economy by trading with others.
The game lacks where it shouldn't, rather than giving players the ease of doing what they want (like in Simcity) the game gives you trouble, for example, when placing roads.

Save your money and stick with games that have better ratings rather than taking a risk on a "decent" game.