A Great Game to help pass the time. More in dept then SimCity 4 and with better graphics. A Simulators Must have.

User Rating: 6.5 | Cities XL PC
This is a great game to help pass the time. I was excited by many options that the game offered, but was some what disappointed by game play. Though I knew what the goal of the game was, it was very difficult for me to know what to do next. Also there are so many options, that it got a little confusing when I needed to find out how to fix something, in other words, the screen layout doesn't seem to be too organized. Despite the negative comments, the graphics and the realistic characteristics of this game were Great! I Love how the designing of the environment actually looks real, If only there was weather patterns and such then that would really make this game. Over all, the game play was descent. Over time you just find yourself repeating the same things over and over again. Unless you're good at keeping your cities status up, and you have a good imagination, then your can play with the design of the City as much as your budget allows. To conclude, this is actually a fun and great way to pass the time and a great must have for simulator players.