Very unfriendly to install, then even less friendly to get started, a total mess that never actually worked.

User Rating: 1 | Cities XL PC
Where do I begin? I bought the game new from the GAME website for £9.99 (glad I only wasted this much on it since it's no better than a doorstop.) After receiving it I installed it, which froze up my computer for several minutes, but it did eventually install. After which I started up and was presented with a login window (why do you have to login to play single player?!) and saw that I had to download an update... 314MB to be exact, so while I left the computer running for an hour and a half I registered at the site, and was told to enter my activation key which I did, only to be greeted with a message informing me that it was invalid or already in use. By now I was somewhat annoyed and after the update had finished downloading I installed it to see if it would rectify the errors - it didn't. I reopened the login window, entered my username and password and clicked connect - "invalid username or password". (apparently your password has to be composed of lower case letters and no numbers, but elsewhere on the site it contradicted this saying numbers were ok) so I changed my password to all lower case letters and tried again, but still nothing. After this I contacted customer support, as the site said they could provide a new activation key. When I got a reply I was told that i'd have to obtain a new key from the website I bought it at (how would they be able to give me a new key?!) Now i've just accepted defeat and uninstalled it, I can't be bothered with the hassle. If the game had actually worked I wouldn't have minded, but it doesn't. On a humourous note the game comes with a trial CD intended to be given to one of your friends so they can play the game, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone verbally, let alone give them a CD of it to play. I'd rather play Sim City Societies than this. I give it a default 0/5 since I never got to play it.