Good Game For City Building

User Rating: 8.5 | Cities XL PC
Cities XL is a Good Game for city building, although i find it as a rip-off of SimCity 4 that why for some people who used Sim City 4 are not having much Difficulty playing this game.

What's Good: First off The Gameplay was easy, putting zones and managing your city is Just easy to do and its Online World looks Pretty Great and also you can chat while your building your city. Next, The Graphics, well this game's graphics is Great, you'll see the Building's Cool Textures, Cool Environment and with a High End Video Card you'll find the City Very Clear!

Whats Bad:The Online, in this game, you will need to register an account in their site before you can play, plus you must be online in order to play the game.

Like What i said earlier, Cities XL is Like a Rip-off of Simcity 4 but at least This game bought City Building to New Generation.