Is it really new or just a patched version?

User Rating: 7 | Cities XL 2011 PC
The Cities XL 2011 edition has the same gameplay, graphics, music, textures, modes (and so on) as the 2009 edition had in the online mode. After the online mode was canceled the original Cities XL lost it's personality and became something really unfinished.

But that changes with 2011 edition. Here the game gains back it's main tasks - trade and megastructures. But here it's a lot easier than in the old online mode where you traded with a real player on the other side of the globe (the real one and the virtual) but here you trade between your own cities. Need oil? Just build a cities which produces oil. Need offices? Just build an office metropole. No money? No problem - trade without money.

Megastructures are back and have some friends with it. Now the variety of megastructures is big. 10 - 15 megastructures in 3 different areas (USA, Europe, Asia). And with them comes theme building - for Europe it's medieval city, USA - sea houses, Asia - Chinatown.

Also interesting is the new metro system - point to point mostly underground transport. I thought it would be more interesting.

But other things are the same as in 2009 edition. If you put both side by side it's hard to tell which is the new one and which is the old one. Too bad. They could have done something more in the time they had.

But to put it short - if you do not have the 2009 edition then buy this one instead of the old one, but if you got the 2009 edition - don't waste your money.