How to Fix Cities: Skylines Errors, Crashes TUTORIAL

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The most common Cities: Skylines Errors reported by the users are: Random Crashes, Unknown Errors, Cities.exe has stopped working, Missing Executable, Black Screen and other minor bugs that you can see detailed and also how to fix below.

Cities: Skyline Random Crashes. some players are encountering random crashes during the game or when they start the game also for some users the PC justs shuts down when they are playing.You can also encounter crashes when you try to save the game or when you exit the game.

“This game keeps crashing my computer. It is not my power supply and it only happens when i opne up this game. I play for a few minutes and my computer shuts off. I am a running a decently powerful system. I can play Total War Attila on max settings along with the rest of my library games without a hitch, so please don’t tell me my GPU can’t handle anything.”

“Clicking on the save game button just crashes. It wrecked a hour of gameplay in which i had no recovery from. Just lost memories.”

“Getting this crash when I shutdown the game:

Faulting application name: Cities.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x54dc75a7

Faulting module name: d3d11.dll_unloaded, version: 6.3.9600.17415, time stamp: 0x54504002″

Cities: Skyline Unknown Error, some players are unable to start the game and they receive this error:“Game Failed To Start (Unknown Error)”.

“Game will not launch, keeps telling me “game failed to start (unknown error)” please help me fix this error, I’m not the only one with this problem!”

“Cannot start game (unknown error). Has anyone encountered this problem please write a review.Write the solution – Response: I got the same problem and i think you should just know you are not alone!”

Cities: Skyline cities.exe has stopped working, you may get this error in many instances but the most common is just after you launched the game.

“Really want to play this game, downloaded and installed fine. Went to play and the game immediately crashes, along with a windows message saying, Cities.exe has stopped working. Anyone having similar issues or solutions?”

Cities: Skyline Missing Executable, make sure you have a 64 bit OS version because the game cannot run on 32 bit OS version.

Cities: Skyline Won’t Launch, some users just click Play on Steam and nothing happens, the game won’t launch.

“I just downloaded the game (I bought it in february) and when I clicked on “Play” nothing happens. The game just won’t launch. This is not an issue from the computer as it’s a really recent and powerful one.

It’s really annoying.. Waiting for some solutions.”

To fix all of these errors follow the tutorial from the guys at