Another Hit and Run

User Rating: 2.5 | Citadels PC
I was so impressed with the interview with CD Projekt Red's CEO, Marcin Iwinski, where he discussed the "hit and run" strategy that an increasing number of game companies employ. Citadels is a perfect example of the nefarious side of this approach to making games.

I wanted so badly to like Citadels. My hope was for an updated, improved version of the original Stronghold, and every video I watched previewing the game seemed to point to just that.

Instead, from the moment you launch Citadels only to discover that any semblance of a tutorial is missing, you're bludgeoned by the fact that you're playing an unfinished game. From the absence of a tutorial, to the peasants/soldiers who seemingly go missing or get stuck in walls, buildings, gates, trees, or blades of grass, and finally to the crashes to desktop, this game is simply unplayable. It is nearly criminal that, not only was this game released when it was, but also that people are actually being asked to pay money for it.

Do yourself and all other gamers a tremendous favor by not buying this game and, in the process, showing game companies that this approach to making games is simply unacceptable.