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Most Helpful Critical Player Reviews

  • Rating:2

    Warning. Do not waste your money on this ****

    I actually spent 30€ on this unfinished crap. I'm writing this only to warn others from even getting close to this horrible game, or at least wait til you get to see some gameplay and reactions. This was the last time I'... Read Full Review

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What Gamespot Users have to say about Citadels

  • Rating:1

    piece of crap

    Words cannot describe just how terrible this game is. Take an inexperienced developer and give them money to create a game in a genre and a platform that they have no experience in and you get Citadels. The game is so b... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:2.5

    Another Hit and Run

    I was so impressed with the interview with CD Projekt Red's CEO, Marcin Iwinski, where he discussed the "hit and run" strategy that an increasing number of game companies employ. Citadels is a perfect example of the nef... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:1

    Don't waste your money on buggy, unfinished games like this one

    the overal game visual is great but all the rest is very bad you dont need to make buildings you can win the game by doing only houses and killing the enemy with your peasants because they are free and 4 peasants are as ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:3.5

    much worse than stronghold 3 on it's release date

    okay i played only for two hours but it was more than enough to know what it's all about tutorial: 0 there is no tutorial at all you pick your brains to find the ore and stone deposits at the first level and figurin... Read Full Review

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