This is the definitive RPG game from the masters of RPGs; Squaresoft, and should not be missed by any fan of genre.

User Rating: 9.4 | Chrono Trigger SNES
The year was 1995; the golden era of gaming was coming to an end, and one was company where about to release one RPG rule them all. Coming fresh of Final Fantasy VI (III in the US) & Secret of Mana, they decided to make the RPG to end all RPGs. I would prove the last great RPG of 16-bit era (outside of Japan). This game was Chrono Trigger. Ever since it's release it has been on countless respectable top 100 lists, more often than not among the top 10. Why was that, you ask? Well, listen up, sonny:

The main focus of the game is to gather EXP and rescue the world. OK, maybe not the most original plot ever, but it works within the context of the game. The story goes like this; you are Crono, an average teenager living in 1,000 AD. One day, you are going to the millennium fair and you meet this girl Marle. The two of you party and have a ball at the fair, until you go see your friend’s “Super Dimension Warp”, which coincidently is a warp machine. This, however, is where things go wrong. It appears that the pendant, that your new found friend was wearing, disrupted the time warp continuum. She is sent back to 600 AD, and it’s your job to go and rescue her, and to find out the secret of her pendant, among other things. The most amazing thing was, that there was a total of 13! Endings to the game, all after when you went to confront the final boss.

First off, it looked amazing back when it was released. The characters where colourful and there where LOTS of characters. Even though there were plenty of reused sprites during the duration of the game, this game had the most different looking characters of any RPG at the time. But not only do the people and monsters in the game look beautiful, the environments really gives you really the illusion of being there. Most impressive were the bosses, that were very detailed, on par with Final Fantasy VI.

Then, there's the sound, which, hands down, is the best music ever made for an RPG. From the different themes of the main characters to the varied environments. It goes from upbeat to tense, all after where you find yourself in the game. The sound effects is nothing to laugh at either, the slash of shot sound like a slash of a sword, and robot sounds like you imagined a robot sounds. The only downside to the music is that the correct style isn’t always used at the correct moment. For an example, there is a moment in the game where a fortress appears, but the music remains upbeat and optimistic, even though it belongs to the bad guy.

The gameplay is undoubtedly the best part of the game. The game is long and interesting all the way through. This game does not stride away from regular RPGs, in the sense that you still have to gather EXP and buy equipment. However the combat is in real time, e.g. not time based. Not only that, but you could actually avoid your enemies, because you could you see all them all, so no random encounters for you. The best and most original of the game is tech points, which, where 2 or more people (3), could combine their powers to deliver a devastating blow. For an example, one person could cast cure, which would heal one person, but two persons could gather to cast Aura Whirl, and heal the entire party. The only real downside with this game, is inherent to all RPGs, monotony. You can’t unfortunately go trough this game without spending some extra time gathering EXP in order to beat a boss. This did, however, not ruin the game at all. So combined with an intriguing story and fun gameplay made this one of the best games of the SNES era.