Chrono Trigger DS vs Android?

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I have a question for the Chrono Trigger fans here, so I decided to play the game again but I'm torn between the DS and Android versions of the game. Minor bugs aside, which is better? Is the Android version a port from the DS, PS1 or SNES? In terms of aesthetics am I better off playing it on a 3DS XL screen or 7 inch tablet? I know for fact that FFIII looks a lot cleaner and in HD for Android but I'm not sure about Chrono Trigger
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It's a matter of personal preference to be honest. The android version is more convenient for the simple fact that the Android device is more likely to be around you more ofthe than the DS. But ot doesn't really matter. I've been playing it recently on a vintage PC what a feeling....ball mouse and all lol.

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I have played both and to be honest, the devil's in the details. You will have a great gaming experience no matter which platform you go for. The game is worth every second spent on it.

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Both versions are pretty good to be honest.