A great customizable mech experience but you need to have xbox live if you want to get anything out of it

User Rating: 8 | Chromehounds X360
Chromehounds is a great mech simulation game that is advanced but still maintains little arcade feeling to not make it boring. First i will talk about the single player. The single player is basically made as practice for the online experience, though the singleplayer contains a decent storyline, chromehounds is a multiplayer game right through it's metal heart. The single player allows you to unlock parts and to try out different bots, commander, sniper, soldier etc so you don't get blown up immedeatly online. Single player also contains some medals that gives you gamerscore. Now for the main element, multiplayer. Chromehounds multiplayer consists of free for all deathmatch mode and a huge map that contains many locations where battles are played. You join a alliance (there are three) which all have their own sets of weapons and bot parts. Then you join a squad that contains other humans and fight together in different areas to make them turn into your color and alliance. You build up your robot or "hound" as the game likes to call it with different parts you can buy from the shop (You get money from battles). There are different classes but they can all be mixed up in your favour and that's what makes the game great. There are soldiers which are close combat warriors (compare with mmorpgs), they can carry quite much weapons and armor and are used on the frontline. Snipers are long distance hounds that takes out enemies from afar, they have great attack power but low defence. Scouts are the fastest bots in the game and are used for reconnaissance and taking over radar towers [ Radar Towers are buildings scattered over the map, without them you cannot voice communicate with teammates far away. They are also a vital option for winning as the one with most radar towers in the end wins the game (unless a entire team is defeated)]. Commander hounds are the ones who give orders to their teammates and point out enemies on the radar using the games grid system, they usually have little firepower. The games great customizability with parts enables you to become whatever you want and switch whenever you want to. The online game ends when an alliance have taken over the entire map and after that a new game starts. I personally don't like the entire "Game Over" and "restart" thing but that's how it is and you will have to live with that. After the battle is lost or won some people that have done extraordinary things on the battlefield will get special medals and you will get alot of annoying pop ups that shows people getting awards. The award system really makes you coming back for more and is a great way to make people feel rewarded when they have done something good. The deathmatch game is an arcade feature which puts you in an all vs all fight over kills. This one is hard as it will stack you randomly against very good players and newbie players but is a great way to play when you don't have time for a long battlefield game. If you are into mech games and like tactical decisions, destruction, great multiplayer and can handle middle-fast game speed and almost no single player then this one is strongly recommended for you. This game is also quite cheap (in price) and features an overall mature audiance that don't scream in the microphone and have annoying voices.

And as a last note: Keep in mind that mother nature feels better if you walk to school/work sometimes instead of taking the robot.