once youve done the campaign, youve pretty much done the game...

User Rating: 5.5 | Chromehounds X360
firstly, this is a mech game which incorperates customising your own mech and fighting as a merc for the three sides of the war.

the different missions in the campaign are specific for each of the classes;
commander, soldier, sniper, heavy gunner, defender and scout.
i think you can work out what each of the classes are so i think you can also guess what most of the missions are but there is another mission afterwards *WARNING,WARING!! SPOILER!!!*
the secret mission consists of you trying to kill the cerebus squad, which are probably the most indestructable mechs in the game.
you have to ignore all the other mechs and go for the cmmander, thus taking them all out of service
*spoilers ended*

the customisation is a very good thing as it allows each player to create their own mech to what they want, but within reason as there is a weight limit.

now, on to the online part. the neromus war is a brilliant idea, having a massive map with each of the sides controlling a similar sized chunk of land and told to eradicate the other two sides.
there are problems with it though.
to start off, there is nothing wrong with the gameplay.
its the methoding behind the game.
they expected too many people to be playing this game, and therefore the amount of control you get from attack the enemy once (CPU) in one land is about 10-20 control points, good i here you say, not really. you need on average af about 150000 control points to gain one of the four parts of each sector and you need at least two of these parts to gain the sector. this takes on average 100 people attacking the same section of a sector for a day without anyone losing and with no resistance. see what im getting at? the online may be good, but one person does nothing to affect the war. and theres no way for speeding it up. the only way i can see of taking a side out quicker is by taking thier capital which with the amount of people playing chromehounds now, it would take about a month, and the servers reset every two months.

the reason i gave it a "check your bargin bin" classification is because its a brilliant game, just dont waste your money buying a new copy. even at £15 from play.com, i still think i would rather buy it off ebay for £5 because it just isnt worth spend money on with halo 3 and other games coming out so if you have a bit of money and you have nothing to spend it on, then its worth it.