Better than armoured core by far

User Rating: 10 | Chromehounds X360
Chromehounds, some say armoured core beats it. Armoured core, smashing enemies to pieces with big energy swords that don't actualy hit with unrealistic everything else......ZzZzZ

Now then. The game is based all around multiplayer. The story is basicly one big training mode teaching you how to use each of the 6 RTs (role types)
It teaches you the most affective way to use scouts, good controling of your squad as a commander, how best to defend ANYTHING with defenders, most tacticly correct asault as soldier, the way to obliterate from afar as a heavy gunner and hit & runs as a sniper.

As I said, the story is basicly training mode. But what it doesn't teach you is how to make your hound. You don't have to make one for story as for all missions you get at 1 or sometimes 2 different hound builds for each story depending on the story's RT and you objectives. The main story is split into 6 sub stories revolving around each RT, when you complete all of those there is a final mission in which you need to make a perfect all round Hound. Now the story can get hard at times and you might need help like the last scout mission where the most annoying Hound with 2 light cannons and grenade launchers and machine guns blows away your puny hound, this is one of the few missions that you need to stop relying on your borrowed Hound and make one of your own. The story is a good idea to play as not only do you get achievments but also special "bonus" parts that you can buy online (not in real money lol) but the bonus ones do more damage, weigh less and are unsellable.

This is where the game really starts. Multiplayer is a big worldwide conflict that can last up to 2 months :O (real time :O) Here, there are no tips, no prebuilt Hounds, no second chances. You rely on your building ingunuity for a pefect hound....and your squad. For each of the 3 great nations created by lots of modern days countries put together except for the biggest there are hundreds of squads. With a maximum of 20 people per squad you can play with up to 12 sqaud vs squad neroimus war or 6 people vs 6 AI neroimus war. Playing in neroimus war earns you money if you win and is very realistic with repair, fuel and ammo costs and different rewards depending on if you are defending or attacking. Real time up to date news like commands on what battlefields to attack, surrendered battlefields, even presidential elections and today America gave The Democratic Republic of Tarakia economic aid lowering the prices of all parts from that nation. So all this realisim and massive customization of Hounds, but wait, what's this? Each nation has it's own "secret weapon" these are massive vehicles that get you massive amounts of cash if killed, and a hefty repair cost if not. They only appear under certain Circumstances which, to be honest, nobodys knows what they are. All anyone knows is they appear when something major hapens to a nation.

So that's neroimus war, but there is also free battle and individual missions. Lets do the individual missions first, in these you have to kill enemy ACVs to earn money (ACVs are the downgraded version of Hounds, they use the same weapons but are not customizable and are very weak) That's pretty much it.

Now for free battles. In these you have up to 20 player battles with no lag *jaw drops* no lag, AT ALL. From software put alot of effort into their servers. The problem with free battle is people make rediculous looking hounds with the cockpit hidden under miles of spacers and shields with either cannons or snipers cannons sticking out at the side all balanced of chicken legs......hmmmm........ Then there's the glitchers, overweight glitchers. 10 DOUBLE HEAT SEEKING MISSLE LAUCHERS, THAT'S 20 HEAT SEEKING MISSLES COMING AT YOU, Or you have the guys that put 9 DOUBLE CANNONS ON THAT LOOK LIKE THEY BELONG ON BATTLESHIPS THEY'RE THAT BIG, I don't play free battle much..............

The graphics look quite good at first but then you notice them and see the explosions look kinda crappy and so on. I have a HD TV so I don't get this but even without one the game looks brilliant anyway.

Overall this is an amazing game that should be played by all who love their mech games :D