A great game, but not worth it without XBL.

User Rating: 8 | Chromehounds X360
Mech fans, unite! Chromehounds is a game in which you take over a Hound with high-powered guns, and you can customize every aspect of it. Rein chaos from afar as a sniper, or get in to the action as a Heavy Gunner, or join the front lines as a Soldier. While there are many role types to pursue, the game is highly dependent on its multiplayer.
The single player campaign, while fairly easy up until about half way through it, lacks substance. You go on a campaign of usually about 6 missions using a Hound of that role type, and the missions get harder as you go along. Completing missions earns you parts that can be used to customize your Hound, both in single and multiplayer.
While the single player is bare-bones, the multiplayer is a different story. You can customize your Hound from the Chassis up, adding guns and tools such as radar jammers or thermal cameras. Even the ammo is customizable, ranging from short range explosive ammo to ammo packed with Napalm.
Overall, I think Chromehounds is a decent game, and it's worth the $13 you can buy it used for from your local Gamestop. With some nice graphics and decent multiplayer, it's a good game, but if you don't have XBL, don't even think about picking this game up.