Completely Immersive Multiplayer Sim

User Rating: 9 | Chromehounds X360
I rented this game about a year ago when I didn't have Xbox live, and played through the story mode, crafted a HOUND I thought vastly superior to all other sniper HOUNDs. A year later, I see the game and remember the good times I had with it, so I pick it up, invite a few friends into a squad, found a player match and was instantly converted into the rarest gas on earth: Noob Hound 112.

This game is very hard on...newer players. Terms such as "closed cockpit" and the manipulation of system devices, a staple of efficient player combat, will seem completely alien to one who simply picks it up and plays. A few brutal matches will force you to adapt, renovate the way you think about HOUND fabrication and enlighten you as to the concept of picking off individual parts.

The pacing of this game is very slow. There's alot of pre-game preparation to be had: Coordination of strategy, HOUND specializations, build sharing and so on. The game is not very child-friendly. Unfortunately, that does not stop the little ones from plaguing some squads.

The game designers really did their homework on this one. You have to take into affect where the gasses go from your shot. For example; My sniper cannons have an integrated muzzle-brake, thus the gasses go up, so I position them in a certain way to achieve an accurate shot. One plus is persistent tracks. I can't tell you how many I time I've guessed at an enemies position from the way their tracks are headed and won the game.

Overall, the game is very advanced for its age, and extremely fun to play once you get started, though it does require some dedication. I hope you find this review helpful.

Gamertag: ToD The Roost3r
Squad: Guns of Tarakia