The Chrome Hounds.'s Chrome Hounds Review

User Rating: 10 | Chromehounds X360
This is one of the greatest games out there! If you have play "Phantom Crash" and "MechAssault" then you know that this kind of combination of the two games. The fighting and action comes from MechAssault, and the build your hound comes from Phantom Crash. This has fun and great action. When you start to build your hound you think "What kind of RT(Role Type) do I want"? There is six types to choose from Soldier,Sniper,Scout,Defender,Heavy Gunner, and Commander. This game is a "Wust Have"! After playing some of the Story Mode you can try the best feature, Mutiplayer! The mutiplayer in this game is one of best. Eiether if you are a Sniper on a hill sniping people, or one the people getting sniped this game is fun both ways! Also the landscape is beautiful. There is so many lands to play in. The combat is almost lifelike! Renting it, or Buying it, you didn't waste your money with all the fun and fighting, your going to enjoy this game!