Chrome Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Press tilda '~' during the game and enter one of the following codes in the format 'Cheat.<code>()'

    For example: Entering 'Cheat.GodMode()' will enable God Mode.

    Effect Effect
    AddAmmo Adds Ammo
    ClearOverload Clears Overload (not sure what this does)
    FullHealth Full Health
    GiveGrenade() Get a Grenade
    GiveCloakingDevice() Get the Cloaking Device
    GiveClusterGrenade() Get the Cluster
    GiveHealtex() Get the Healtex
    GiveKnife() Get the Knife
    GiveOCS() Get the OCS
    GiveAmmo[?] Gives ammo where [?] is one of the following: 12mmShort, 14mmLong, 8mmLong, 9mmShort, Energy, Rockets, Shotgun
    GiveWeapon[?] Gives weapon/item where [?] is one of the following: BjornHD, C9A5, C9S, CloakingDevice, ClusterGrenade, GLDragoon, Grenade, Healtex, Knife, LeRogue
    GodMode God Mode
    NextMission Next Mission
    TuneImplants Tunes/Improves Implants
    TuneWeapons Tunes/Improves Weapons

    Contributed by: jfowler11, Undergrads2003 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by arockna 81K