Hard to put into words..

User Rating: 9 | Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1: Plutia Battle Entry License VITA
I never played Hyperdimension Neptunia part 1, so it was difficult at first to follow the story but I landed right back on my feet once I got past the intro. The game is quite bizarre at first, the tale is told through talking images but it does have a great dub voice over, so it's not such a bad thing. The voice of the girl named IF is the voice of the English version of Sakura from Naruto and I even found Persona 4's Chie voice dub on Noire as well as other popular voice dubs. Till this day, I am still not sure if it qualifies as a girly game or guy game because the theme looks girly, the characters act girly but there are some pervy moments that throw you off. It is what it is, I guess. The initial game is played through 3D dungeon crawling, like Persona, each dungeon is layed out like a small labyrinth of turns and floating items. You can run and jump freely as Neptune or any of her friends in these dungeons, so it's rarely a chore to explore them. Outside of these dungeons is a big world map where you navigate a cute, little pixelated Neptune to any location. When I first saw this, I raised an eyebrow thinking WTF is this garbage?! But it's only because I'm used to my rpg's having large environments to trek and watching the characters physically visit towns and all that traditional noise. So in that sense, Hyperdimension Neptunia is not so traditional. The nature of the map overworld sucked most of the fun out of shopping because now, all you get is a menu screen telling you what you can buy and sell. There are tons of your basic rpg items to buy to heal your hp and whatever the heck they call magic in Neptune's universe. And then there are outfits to put on as well as boost disks to give yourself a boost in fights. I find them very handy but even more so is the ability to craft new items, features and add new dungeons. You need the right materials to do so and in game memory and you find these item plans by talking to various characters hidden around the world map. This is a little confusing because it rates itself by megabytes like real memory sticks and you use key items to add more memory. This plays in part with Neptune's weird universe. You use things you would find in a computer program and even fight videogame knock-offs from various games like Tetris, Mario, Angry birds and even dating sims! You'll find different enemies in different countries that are run by 4 goddesses, each a ruler of a certain country and every country is a named after a knockoff of a videogame console. From what I understand is that the goddesses were in the middle of a console war and Neptune got knocked off her feet and lost her memory, forcing her forget that she's a goddess herself. No, that's not a spoiler, the game does nothing to hide this fact as Neptune can still transform into her goddess form. She's just too dumb to realize it at first! If this were any other kind of game with a cliche' story and world, I would say that this isn't even worth your time. But with amount of effort put into the concept, you can forgive the game's simplicity and the story moves very fast for those jrpg fans with ADD! Hahaha!! I'm kidding, of course! As fast as the story goes, you'll still need to put in countless hours of level grinding so you can beat the boss head ache free. Fighting has it's share of enjoyment too. Rather than turn based, you move around the battlefield and strategically place your party against the opponents and strike from a various selection of attacks. You can customize these attacks from the main menu and each goddess has a transformation that enhances her strength but everyone has an Exe mode attack which is their limit break finisher. The extended and complicated battle system saves you from boredom and overall, the story, silly as it may be, is still interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. If you're a jrpg fan, this is a great game to have but the amount of memory it takes up would make it better as a cartridge buy if you can find it. Graphics: 8-great character models, lazy everything else. Gameplay: 8 Story: 9 Sound: 9-funky techno beats and great dub. Value: 8 Replayability: 8