Hey Mario Kart, grab your ankles!

User Rating: 2 | Chocobo Racing: Genkai e no Road PS
-If you're buying this for your 4 year old, this might give him something stimulating to do between reruns of Jerry Springer.
-The characters we know and love, including an airship that's way too fast to be fair.

-10 tracks.
-Unbelievably short and easy.
-Power ups and items that we've seen before.
-Cutesy storybook cutscenes offer no surprises and are about as thrilling as watching grass grow.
-This game could have been infinitely better if they had just reformulated the racing found at the golden saucer in FF7. Actually, it would've been a lot better if they had just released the exact same thing. What a colossal mistake on Square's part to release such a halfhearted game when they could've easily capitalized on some of Mario Kart's success without deliberately going out of their way to rehash things that Nintendo has already done a better job of producing.