If you ever swinged the groom imaging it was a sword as a kid ,then this game's for you.

User Rating: 8 | Chivalry: Medieval Warfare PC
Pick your class, select the weapon of choice and hurry to the bloodbath that's called Chivalry.
With weapons ranging from bows to 2-handed hammers and from slings to pitchforks there's a 90% possibility you'll go for the sword, because that's the reason you play the game, (at least the first few times).

Swinging swords and firing arrows feels very realistic in game with the motion and weight of each weapon being a fundamental gameplay key.
Each melee weapon has 3 basic attacks;
1. Swing;
The most common one. Has the most probability to hit ,covers large area and does medium damage while delivering decent damage. Only exception in this rule are the polearms, though not all of them
2. Stab;
Is advanced player's favorite. As long as someone stops swinging the sword around for he is getting killed almost all time , begins to use stabbing attacks.
Stab has the most reach but delivers the least damage. Only exception in this being the polearms
3. Overhead
Maybe the most difficult hit to deliver as its reach is the shortest of all attacks, but delivers the most damage with serrious possibility to behead the victim. In spear-like polearms of course this move doesn't exist but is replaced by an alternative more powerfull stabbing attack.

These 3 types of attacks are completed by having two extra moves that are an alternative swing (from left to right as opposed to the normal swing) and alternative overhead.
The great thing about them all is that according to your weapon you can chain attacks together creating combo-like attacks.
Of course when you are going in for the blow your opponent won't just stand there taking the damage. By default right click parries the attack but -thats the trick- only if you time it right.
So what happens when your opponent just parries all your attacks?
Designers have predicted this also and have added a feint attack option as well, tricking for the early parry and then delivering the blow.

1v1 combat in chivalry is all about reading correct your opponents moves, moving your character so you have the right distance from your target and planning your attacks.
You constantly have to have an eye on the stamina meter and on your opponent moving towards you.

In an interview a designer was asked if they have put something like a wall formation so that players would align their shields and build formations.
Designer answered no but we would love see players cooperating as such - as far as the game goes you are given the shield and the freedom to do it.

But here is something that is a bit annoying in chivalry. As with almost all fps games, cooperation online is something like a joke. Often you'll find yourselves running along other players that will care nothing if the teams'
archers are being ganged , not to say form a wall.
Also forget anything like CoD rambo scenes where a random guy kills the whole enemy team and runs while the background explodes behind him.
Sure maybe sometimes you'll find youself against 2 enemies or even 3 and manage to kill them This will be your Conan scene. But It will be so exceptional that you'll wish you had it recorded so to make your personal epic movie.

All in all Chivalry is an excellent game to play ,a bit hard to master , but vastly rewarding , from an indy company founded by mod gamers that have the dignity to often patch the game and ofter free stuff as game modes, weapons and levels.

All this fun package comes at a price ~ 14euro in steam or something like that if I remember correctly, so go buy it for it actually worths a lot more.