Think Blade of Darkness back in 2001 and what you have is a recipe for endless playability.

User Rating: 8 | Chivalry: Medieval Warfare PC
If you know even the bare bones of Medieval warfare then right off the bat you're interested in Chivalry Medieval Warfare. What could be more fun then swinging a sword at your friend until his head comes squirting off? How about shooting in arrow through his or her eye? Sounds absolutely thrilling!

Chivalry Medieval Warfare is all about that and then some, it's about bringing massive battle fields and sieges to life so that each player can get a taste of what the old days were like across the pond in good ol' Feudal Europe.

With as many as Thirty-Two players on a battlefield at any given time, things can get real hectic. Players will often mesh and mosh together swinging to see who can get the first brutal swing. While it sounds all that impossible to survive this is dealt with through a combo system that allows each player to block and specifically select the kind of attack they want to perform. This allows for those mosh pit mashes to turn into a battle of skill and cunning.

Players can level as they go unlocking tons of new weaponry for the use of 4 special classes. This adds to the endless playability of the game.

The environment in Chivalry Medieval Warfare alike the game play is inviting and addictive. Maps are epicly large and enjoyable to the full extent. Massive castles, massive fields, mountain passes, cities and villages that you must defend the poor villagers from, and an endless amount of objects and siege weapons to use to the best of your ability.

At the end of the day for its price, Chivalry Medieval Warfare is a game well worth it's cost, and then some for your friends. It's hilarious fun and creative to the very end.