Chili Con Carnage Cheats For PSP

  1. Skip Level with Gold Rank

    During Gameplay, press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, then Select. You'll skip the level and complete it's challenge with a Gold Rank.

    Contributed by: mechaknux 

  2. Infinite Ammo

    Finish a stage while keeping your combo meter from reaching zero. You'll unlock a "chili" at the end of the stage which will get you infinite ammo on a certain weapon.
    It's recommended to get Bronze medals on the stages too, which will increase your health and combo time.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    chili on "Need a Ride" stage Infinite AK-47
    chili on "Ay Mama" stage Infinite Combat Shotgun (Spaz)
    chili on "Arena Del Toro" stage Infinite Grenade Launcher
    chili on "Mucho Manure" stage Infinite Heavy Handgun (Python)
    chili on "Los Toros" stage Infinite Heavy Machine gun
    chili on "Cargo Chaos" stage Infinite Hunting Rifle
    chili on "Rooftop Inferno" stage Infinite M-16
    chili on "Something Rotten" stage Infinite Rifle
    chili on Final Mission stage Infinite Rochet Launcher
    chili on "Abandon Ship" stage Infinite Shotgun
    chili on "Nice Wheels" stage Infinite Submachine Gun (Uzi)

    Contributed by: dlacap 

  3. Profile Code

    Create a new Profile and type the following Name...

    Effect Effect
    ERNESTO Invincibility

    Contributed by: Madenpapst 

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