With a idea that seems so boring, the game actually proves itself in my collection.

User Rating: 8.9 | Chibi Robo! GC
As i popped into the the shoes (metal shoes that is) of Chibi-Robo for the first time, i couldn't get excited about picking up trash, until the game began. I was slightly annoyed at the prospect of recharging every so often, but that problem was handled later by upgraded batteries. The story, although wacky at best, was a constant source of humor that would keep you laughing for hours on end. The sound effects in the game also added to its unique style and attitude. Although the concept of picking up trash is quite repetitive, its the games great story that kept me playing and wanting more. The game itself also got considerably better as it played out making the whole experience worth while. All in all, the game is a nice addition to the sandbox genre, which is considerably small on the GameCube.