A great game, that despite appearances is very entertaining

User Rating: 8.5 | Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol DS
The Original Chibi Robo was praised as being innovative and very well done, and after thoroughly playing its DS counterpart i can say that the DS version is just as good, and deserves the praise the original got.

The 3d graphics are gorgeous and the sound holds its own,
and along with your various tools, the game makes good use of the touch screen.

The game is about Chibi Robo a tiny little robot roughly 4 inches high, and yet despite his size is able to take care of a whole house. Although in this Chibi Robo a new version of the little guy has been created, one who is able to water and grow plants. Of course how ever sissy and girly this may sound it is still very enjoyable.

The company that makes the robo's distributes a single robo to the worlds parks, so that they can be cleaned up, and made green again, there fore you must fill the whole place with flowers. You can also, use your happy points which you earn buy planting flowers, and getting visitors to the park, to buy things like benchs and bins, and also to change the look of a part of the park.
Of course to do those things you need to have a helper, but i wont give anything away about them

Of course what is a game with out its villian, i wont give anything away but he's pretty ugly. And can summon things to destroy your flower :o

There are many other knick knacks in this game that i haven't mentioned and its a great game, and a pity that such a small amount of GS users have it. So i think you should give it a try and buy it, and most people shouldnt regret. Park Patrol is a very good game