Chasm: The Rift is a good game but lacks a decent multiplayer and re-play value.

User Rating: 7.5 | Chasm: The Rift PC
Chasm: The Rift plays like any other FPS run and gun game around it's time you go around and shoot anything that moves while going to a point to finish a level. The game's weapon selection feels rather uninspired, the only innovative weapon in the game would have to be the Blade Gun that shoots out discs in a high rate of fire. The game did have one awesome feature that stands out from any other FPS, you can shoot off an enemy's limbs which is not only useful for disarming enemies, it's a lot of fun and barely any games have this feature. Another great element of the game are the graphics, released in 1997 the graphics are truly something to behold despite the fact that the game is designed to run on older computers. The sound feature of the game is also good, weapons sounds like they should be, monsters sound creepy, and the soundtrack just adds to the detailed atmosphere, the only drawback would be the that the voice acting is a bit off but still passable. Despite these great features Chasm: The Rift's gameplay suffers from confusing level design and broken multiplayer.

Multiplayer may sound on a game like this one but the deathmatch levels suffer from so many bugs and glitches along with dull and boring gameplay.

Just to make matters worst, re-play value in Chasm: The Rift is scarce due to a short length of 16 single-player levels added to the frustrating level design.

If you plan to pick up this game for the multiplayer feature your better off with Quake. Overall The game is decent but only worth a rent.