Chasm the Rift is a great game highly reminiscent of Blood.

User Rating: 8 | Chasm: The Rift PC
From the developer of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and Cryostasis, Chasm the Rift is a first-person shooter that is rather similar to other DOS first-person shooters: Quake, Doom, Blood, et cetera. It is graphically about the same and features similar gameplay, but is more realistic compared to the other DOS games of its age and has a large selection of weapons, each with their own satisfying ways of killing creatures, from power saws to rocket launchers.
Throughout the game, the nameless protagonist is given different objectives by two Generals, and that is as far as the plot ever goes. The missions are barely ever related to each other and there is technically no conflict except for the tiny upset that wherever you go, highly dangerous creatures abound for no reason except that they like attacking you. From scorpions to monsters to creatures vaguely resembling mummies that have torn off their bandages, to even humans and zombie pirates to werewolves, there is no end to the roster of enemies looking to bite your head off. And you get to kill them in the more humane manner of shooting their head off instead of biting it. Not just the head (although it is recommended to shoot 'em in the head) but their arms, legs, torso, anywhere, and you'll be rewarded with a satisfyingly disgusting animation of their limbs falling off. As is the case with the more dangerous monsters, this doesn't seem to bother them as they continue to advance menacingly.
The other enemies, especially the humans, are capable of wielding different weapons while the monsters go for the less modern yet more threatening power saws, clubs and mace. Some monsters are even impossible to kill, and you're better off hiding and sneaking around them. The protagonist can make himself, for a short time, invisible by picking up a certain type of armour, which is useful for sneaking around invisible monsters, but if they get too close they will sense you and start attacking.
Overall, while Chasm the Rift never achieved the success of competing first-person shooters like Quake, it serves as a great alternative to the more well-known games of that age and is in a way even better than them in terms of realism, which is the game's strongest point.