This game is so good I feel like I'm giving birth every time I play it!

User Rating: 10 | Charlie's Angels GC
This game is just about as fun as being kicked in the balls and I love being kicked in the balls! So, Charlies Angels for the Gamecube? Count me in!

There's a surge of excitement every time I put the game disc into the console and press Start and then select Load Game and then press Ok! Although it simply turns out to be another stroke but nonetheless this is still a great game! Trust me, I'm a doctor so I know these things!

My friends always tell me, "Hey Blade Master King, how come you're always playing Charlie's Angels for the Gamecube?!" and I don't respond because I remember that I have no friends for that same reason. But who needs a social life when I can be Cameron Diaz?! Sorta.

Now go buy this game now so you can know what giving birth feels like! Trust me it's awesome!