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User Rating: 2.5 | Charlie's Angels PS2
i know i do old games but this is a classicgamejunk special.this
is goona be be a long goona play the worst game
ever on ps2.its not catwoman for the ps2.even though that game
sucks.this game is charlies angels for ps2.its kinda like strip fighter
2.if you don't know that game which i did review.your lucky you
never seen it.this game sucks.its as bad as e.t. only e.t. was the
video game crash of 1982 or whatever year.well the gameplay
is poo poo.actually its worse its a poo poo this game
you play as ladies.kinda like in this one n64 game where you shoot
bad guys and your a lady.oh yes its perfect dark.only problem.
that game was actually play as a woman in a bikini who
fights crime.JUST KIDDING.actually no its the the
gameplay on youtube.just don't play might die of shock.
like i did in July 4th 2003.on the 4th of July when this game came
out.that was one bad 4th of July.oh yes and its a movie.they also
made a sequel and its a t.v. series.they also might make a
2011 remake.dear god destroy this game.BOOM.besides that
there's a sequel to the game.only one copy of the game was made.
I HAVE not lucky.its one knows about goona
tell you about that right now.time to stick this is my PC because
that's the only way it could work.its not for ps2.the game is the
same thing as the first but this time girls get nude.without censored sign.i can see gross.well even though this is a super
rear game i will sell it.on eBay.not now but soon and the cost
will be 200 dollars.JUST KIDDING.100 dollars beacuse the
sucks.bye gamers.