Goodmorning angels!

User Rating: 1.6 | Charlie's Angels GC
Charlie's Angels on the gaming console, well firstoff let me just say that
the Charlie's Angels series in the old days were a classic, they were was corny, stupid, but still was hilarious in some ways.. now when the movie Charlie's Angel came out in the early 2000 was even worse..the joke were stupid, the acting was horrible, the storyline was a joke and the movie itself was bad..despite having Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lui. So can you expect that the game would be worse..well..yeah ofcourse you would.. once again Charlie's Angels is worse than ever on the console system..and it not even funny. The game storyline is just as bad as the movie, the statue of liberty has gone missing for some reason....errr ok?, missions are just
stupid as hell..and frankly i dont even see the point of having a story in this piece of crap. The graphic is soo bland, simple and not even close to realistic..yet the angels characters..somewhat look close to the actress...and i mean somewhat in a bad way..the enemies are too simple looking..the background is bad, and everything else is piss poor! The gameplay is probably the highlight of the game...all you do
in this crap is fight a couple of around and boats..and did i forget to mention the useless bare ass dancing by the angels..thats can countless of hour just having the angels..shake their booty's..
The movement of the characters are just too generic..they move like robots on speed..and climbing the ladder take almost forever..even though they run really fast! and you gotta love when you get those stupid combo!! The sound made me laugh and cry cause it was really bad..the music is stupid, the sound effects are too repetitive and the kicks and punching sound exactly like punching against a tree..thump!..THUMP!...THUMMP!! Its best to avoid this crap...and if you do find it...just runaway..