"Horribly Horrible"

User Rating: 1 | Charlie's Angels GC
Could this be the worst game ever ever ever ever made?!? Probally. Trust me if you have bought this game and played it. You proballt killed yourself. Yeah really, it is really that bad... Horrible combat, easy, and all the controls are disgutingly brutal........... OH! IT'S THE GREAT CHARLIES ANGELS!!! Even though the movie wasn't half bad. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS. Video games based on movies are usually horrible, and trust me this game is truly horribly horrible.....I MEAN IT! This game made me cry and hide in my room for days!!!!!!!! DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, it's a disaster of a game..... When I say disaster, I MEAN DISASTERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!