Best Game of Summer of Arcade 2013... What Happened?

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1st off, that is not a complaint about this game.  This game is honestly in the top 20 arcade games of all time.

However, everything else that came out during this grouping Sucked Balls!!!!  Brothers was Boooooring (sorry, arthouse crowd) flashback was bad, and TMNT:OOTS was thie dissapointment of the year.  (TMNT with the most coverage, and we all wanted to like it soooo bad, am I right?

You used to be able to get 2 or 3 good to great games out of the Summer of Arcade group; what happened Microsoft?  And where's the 5th game?  Fist Puncher should have been in this lineup, I woulda paid $15 for it, I guess I should be glad MS Screwed that up, and forced it as an indie release for only $5.


Anyhow, this game is unbeleivably great.  Can't say enough about it.  Usually when a game gets from 6-8.5 on GameSpot, I know I'll love it.  Anything higher than that has been given the score out of the pretentiousness of the writers here, always only great story, not much replay.