Kick butt game!

User Rating: 10 | Chaos Theory (2008) PC
Wonderful game which is really realistic. In fact I think it is much more realistic than the ones before it! It takes a while to complete so if you have a laptop, you can just take your laptop to camp and play it all day and still don't finish it. The levels are pretty long and the game features a 2005 graphic to 2007 graphic update. Really wonderful considering this game was made in 2004.
If you want a wonderful puzzle game this is the game for you. It's not a puzzle in which you think it is. it's a practical puzzle meaning you must hide and evade enemy forces or even if you want you can kill them.
The story line takes place in 2008, or, when this review was made. So whenever I play it it feels as if what is happening in the game is happening right now! Its so amazing look how many words I use to describe it! Anyways, you won't doubt purchasing this game and if you're still reading this review then heck, you didn't even hear enough. Go to youtube and decide for yourself. Just search Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. And if you want add coop at the end of that too.