Chaos Rings Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. New Game +

    Finish the game with any character. When you start a new game, you'll retain all stats, items, and money.

    Contributed by: josking 

  2. New title screen

    Defeat Piu Piu with all characters to unlock a new title screen.

    Contributed by: LiquidMGSolid 

  3. Battle Bosses Again

    Beat the Almighty and save your game load it back up and where the bosses were before there will be a black crystal to open and fight the boss again

    Beat the Almighty and load back up All Bosses

    Contributed by: DjHaX0rZ 

  4. Other Characters

    Beat the game once. DO NOT START A NEW GAME. Just load the old one again and a new map will be open go through it and defeat the Almighty and save at the end. When you turn it back on the character select screen will have arrows at the bottom to switch between the characters.

    Beat the Almighty Ayuta and Mana
    Beat the Almighty Olgar and Vhati

    Contributed by: DjHaX0rZ 

  5. Final Ending

    Beat Almighty with 4 couple Final Ending

    Contributed by: patara01 

  6. Fight Piu Piu

    Defeat the Qualia with each pair of fighters then save your game. Load any one of your saves and talk to Piu Piu. Answer yes to his question to engage in battle with the legendary scientist.

    Defeat Qualia with all characters Piu Piu Fight

    Contributed by: luclicane69 

Chaos Rings Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Raise all genes to max level. All Genes max level (30)
    Clear all areas. Clear all areas (30)
    Clear the Ayuta scenario. Clear the Ayuta scenario (10)
    Clear the Eluca scenario. Clear the Eluca scenario (10)
    Clear the Escher scenario. Clear the Escher scenario (10)
    Clear the Olgar scenario. Clear the Olgar scenario (10)
    Achieve victory in over 1000 battles. Defeat 1000 enemies (20)
    Defeat all hidden bosses with each pair of heroes. Defeat all hidden bosses (20)
    Defeat PiuPiu. Defeat PiuPiu (30)
    Reach level 100 with any character. Reach level 100 (30)

    Contributed by: Guard Master