just finished, impressions without spoilers

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just finished the game (the game was already released in Germany earlier this month, yes I can speak german) and to those who are thinking about buying the game....I would recommend it, I found it great, if you liked the first part you will love the second, in my opinion it's better...the beginning and the end are a bit off, confusing and illogical and don't really represent the game nicely, but all the rest of the game is awesome, funny and inteligent...puzzles are hard at times, but all are do-able (I have not used a walkthrough a single time) though you need to think outside the box a few times....the end was, well, kind of strange (personally did not like it), guess the devs wanted to make a different ending this time around since they got their balls busted about the ending of the first part, so anyone who hated the ending of the first part can look forward to a different ending this time around....but heck, it's a  trilogy, so we are still waiting for the true ending...usually people say bad stuff about second installments, but in my experience they are the best (Mass effect 2, Baldurs Gate 2, Fallout 2, ...) and Deponia 2 is as well...Deponia is the best adventure from Daedalic Entertainment (and that's saying something since they create a boatload of adventures) and the second installment is the better one from the two...

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I'm at the part where bozo and Rufus are at the weapons shop but i think i messed up with the crabs how can i fix it.