Ive never got tired of fighting things as I did now....

User Rating: 7 | Champions of Norrath PS2
First of all let me say this game has some of the best graphics that I have ever seen on the Ps2 everything seemed to be very smooth and the backgrounds were breathtaking. That being said this game had on major flaw that not matter how you look at it cannot be overlooked. The repetitiveness or fighting. There is only so much one can do to someone before it just gets boring. I found myself sometimes just want to stop playing because I was actually getting tired of playing. Other than that this is a great game to play and the leveling system is amazing and lets you customize your character to your liking. Overall not the best in the series but definitely one you should play...If you can find it. Overall 7/10

Side note: This game also comes in handy if you have the sequel since you are able to carry over your file so there is no need to do the same thing over again.