Im not a Everquest fan, but this game is awsome either way!

User Rating: 10 | Champions of Norrath PS2
I know that this game is based off of Everquest series, but I bought it and it was just way too fun. I got it and played CO-OP with my best friend. It was just awsome. It is like a Diablo 2 on PS2 just with Everquest races. Though Im more Blizzard fan I love this game and I keep playing it. It never gets boring and it probably never will. Give me one reason why to stop playing this game and I will disaggree with it all because this game makes a lot of games look like crap. It's just way to fun to put the controller down and walk away. I am pretty sure I will never sell this game even if my files erase and I have to start over! This game will always be cool and owned by me. Both me and my best friend give this game a 10/10