An extremely fun hack and slash game... Cleric RULES...

User Rating: 8.8 | Champions of Norrath PS2

Champions has 5 character classes that you can choose from and each are unique with different strengths and weaknesses. This game has online capability which is fun and also 4 players can play offline at the same time which is awesome. You can sub in and out different players at anytime. The game is fairly long with many things to do and objectives to complete. It's just a very addicting hack and slash game. There are lots of minor bugs in the game that could get annoying but its not too bad.


The graphics in this game are decent for PS2 and there are a lot of half naked women in this game, LOL.


Sound effects for the skills and attacks are pretty good and the music is decent for the game but nothing extraordinary.


You will definately play this game for hours and hours with or without your friends. First on easy then normal and then difficult. If you like hack and slash games then Champions is the game for you.