A fun and nicely presented hack n slash RPG.

User Rating: 8 | Champions of Norrath PS2
This game is a fun hack n slash RPG.It's similar to another game named Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance.

This game allows you to play as a human or elf(I can't remember if it allows you to select any other races)and you can select different classes of each race.For example,you can select a class of character who specializes with physical attacks,or another class who specializes with spells or a class that can use physical attacks and spells to a decent degree.The class that primarily focuses on using physical attacks doesn't have regenerating mana for spells.Some character classes allow the character's mana to regenerate(so they can keep using spells)but they will have weaker resistance to attacks and physical attack power.

I forgot the class of character I used,but it allowed my character to do a decent amount of physical damage and for him to have regenerating mana.I could shoot spells at the press of a button.Theres a button for melee attacks and a block button too.My character also had regenerating health.I guess the key to this game is patience.I could block enemy attacks and wait for my health to regenerate or just hack and slash away at the enemies in the area,but when enemies hit me with attacks,their attacks did a lot of damage to my health.

The gameplay involves going inside many caves and castle dungeons.But you'll also travel through some nice looking desert sands and even walk on the seafloor while being submerged under water.There's towns and forest to travel through too.The caves were quite dark and goblins who lived inside them attacked you.Some of the other enemies included trolls,wild animals and gigantic bosses too.I can only remember fighting against one orc in the game.This gameplay is fun,because it's simple and playable and was nice looking for it's time.

Like in all RPGs,you'll level up and for customization,you can take different paths on the learning tree that will lead to different spells and upgrades.You can play dress up with different types of clothing and armor,and as you would expect,the type of armor you wear affects your stats.

The quests you'll do involve meeting certain people,fetch quests,killing a certain boss or a certain number of enemies within an area.Sometimes it was frustrating trying to find that one last enemy you needed to kill(which means you had to backtrack through many caves)or search many areas for that remaining item you need to find,which could be anywhere because the game randomly hide those items.

I've mentioned how the caves are dark and the desert sands look nice and detaled.I'd also like to mention there's some nice tropical areas too.If I can knitpick some technical issues,I'd like to say some environments are slow to load when you reload your game.However,I do think some sections of forest lookg a bit ugly.

The cutscenes were a bit ugly too,but the game had some nice cinematics.

I also like how your character will talk when he enters a new place.And the music suits the atmosphere,for example,when you're moving through the desert or tropical areas,the music sounds relaxing,and when you're travelling through a cave or city,the music becomes more intense.And I like how you'll hear goblins making grunting sounds too.

Overall it's a fun hack n slash RPG with some minor annoyances.