Fun, but...Just read my review

User Rating: 8.5 | Champions of Norrath PS2
This game is good, but not something you should go out of your way for. I've haven't played Return To Arms, but I'd recommend that one because this one is irrittating as far as the choices go. This drove me crazy for days. If your picky about your class when you play RPG's then this game will drive you insane. All of the classes are perfectly balanced but amazingly far apart from each other. The only one that even tries to be a warrior mage is the dark elf shadowknight and his moves aren't very good and he can't use all the weapons off the warrior he claims to be. All the classes will only let you be exactly what that class is, so just pick the mage. He can use some pretty strong weapons and has variety of great moves. Anyway, although the game is very fun to run around and plunder things, it gets very irritating when you find out that you don't like your class. You start a new one and don't like that one either. It keeps going like this until you realize that they are all this way so you must choose between warrior, mage, knight(crappy mage, decent fighter), cleric, and archer.

Asside from what drove me crazy, (I'm am very nitpicky. I'll spend days trying to get it perfect for me) the game has a crap ton of replay value. You can play as the different class for a COMPLETETLY different feel of the game. Or, even on one class, you can rise up through the 3 hugely different diffuculties. This doesn't happen very often, but this games diffuculties are so far apart, that once you get to a massive level and beat the game, when you load your persion onto the next diffuculty, it will actually still give you a good experience. You don't just decimate everything you see.

Anyway, the game is pretty fun and very long and a blast if you have ethernet, but if you don't, it's still decently fun. You can have more players onscreen on the console. It's a good game, but not something you should go out of your way for. Get it if you have the extra cash.