User Rating: 8.6 | Champions of Norrath PS2
While on the surface, Champions of Norrath may seem like a Diablo Clone, SOE's latest efforts to bring the World of EverQuest to the general public has produced some very remarkable results. At first glance, the interface will seem very familiar to those who have played hack-and-slash role playing game titles, but there are a few subtleties fine-tuned to the Play Station 2 DualShock controllers - such as tab-swapping with R2 and L2 - that makes the game far more accessible. The biggest surprises come from the graphics themselves: SOE once again pushes the limits of the (relatively speaking) antiquated Play Station 2 hardware and delivers some very visually stunning liquid and particle engine effects. But even more gripping is an involved, but not overly complex storyline that takes characters back into the early days of Norrath. Highly recommended.