this game may look rubbish and it may be out of the blue but when you start playing it you'll love it

User Rating: 9.5 | Cel Damage Overdrive PS2
Cel Damage Overdrive from psuedo i know what you're thinking just leave it on the shelf and run off to another store but despite the maker being someone you wouldn't recognise if they bit you on the behind but with a name like Psuedo you'll definetly remember them the game however is actually very fun and enjoyable to play the best thing about it are the weapons they come in all shapes and sizes like the chainsaw you just go up to someone and start slashing them, you can also get weapons like boxing gloves and beat the bejeebies out on some one the only bad thing i can think of about the controls is that you have to push the analog to go forward this means you have the devils own job of turning quickly when you get to some big mouthed duck with a baseball bat this is really the only thing i can think of that it is bad about this truly fun and enjoyable and really quite brilliant game this game can appeal to every one and it really looks great so when you are in a shop and you see this game definetly give it a second look :):):)