The Best Game Ever

User Rating: 10 | Cel Damage Overdrive PS2
Cel Damage: Overdrive was my 3rd PS2 Game, and it was my favourite, It is the best game in the world.
Favourite Drivers:
Fowl Mouth
If you're a fan of smash-'em-up games but with cars and like cartoons, this is the game for you, it is full of suprises, and cool arenas and awesome weapons to inflict pain, plus; you're selected driver has they're own special weapon that brings them to the limit!, there is modes such as:
Smack Attack: Smash and Mash your enemys(each smash contains points) car to get the selected total.
Capture the Flag: Possibly one of the greats!, in this cool venture you'll be able to capture flags; and smash cars up at the same time... and even steal flags!.
Gate Rally: One of my favs, this ones fun because you race 'n' smash at the same time).
Recommended Male Drivers to use:
Fowl Mouth
Recommended Female Drivers to use:
You'll have a ton-of-fun in the wacky and tongue-in-cheek world of Cel Damage.

Happy Smashing!.