Those boxes have been invading my mind

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It's been more than a week since I finished the game but something's going on lately on my mind.

Sometimes when I'm talking (at work) to someone, out of the blue I think of random techniques or some good box moving.

This is totally unexpected, since I don't even think about the game outside of my house.

I have finished Catherine in the Hard difficulty and medium, totalizing almost 30 hours in 2 playthroughs.

Is this happening to someone else? Thinking about solutions or techniques out of the blue?

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I dreamed about this game for every night while playing it and for a solid week after it went back to Gamefly. Every once in awhile, when something reminds me of the game, I start to think about the damn boxes again during the day. You are not alone. I do know a technique though, maybe we can share. Baaahhh.