This game wasn't perfect, but at least got the atmosphere and story right, and was fun to play. Good memories.

User Rating: 8.5 | Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku N64
Looking back, i had a lot of fun with this game. Sure, no game has ever managed to get CV in 3D right, but this one was awfully close.

I love the atmosphere, the story and characters and the fresh new perspective it offered on the CV. It felt more like a lonely transylvanian castle with weird but fascinating characters that mess up with your mind and you wonder if they really exist or just in your mind.

The gameplay had issues but was mostly good, the experience was different for each character, and being chased by Frankenstein in a labyrinth is really cool. For some reason, the sequel, which was supposed to improve this one in every way, somehow managed to lose this special something and favored quantity over quality.

The PS2 episodes weren't bad either but pretty dull and had unacceptable camera and too many dungeons, and llords of shadows hasn't really been all tythat convincing. I wish this gale was given more credit, it really had something.