The 8 bit Classic is now in the palm of your hands!!!!!!

User Rating: 7.5 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
The greatness of the Castlevania series just got a lil better. Even though this Castlevania is nothing compared to the great other versions on the gba (Circle of the Moon especially), It is still the classic gamers of all ages have fallen in love with and with the added in game save, you now have this classic to pick up and play whenever you want to. The in-game save adds a new element to the gameplay, even though the game is short, its still tough and now you can just continue from your last save instead of starting all over again.This will make all hardcore castlevania fans that wished the original Castlevania had a battery save drool, pick it up now! It's only 20 bucks and for a 15 year old title, It has aged extremely gracefully. No other original nes title (well maybe Zelda) lets you feel the roots of the series and how much its grown with each new game over the years. So go kill all those pesky bosses again, the 2 mummies, madusa and that big bat that wont stay still with style!!!!