It Was and Ever Shall Be... loads of fun

User Rating: 7.6 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
Great Game. It was great years ago and it's great now. The graphics are lousy, the sound is too, but that's only by modern standards. If you played it when it was new, you won't mind, because it's pure nostalgia. The gameplay on the other hand, is ANYTHING but stale. Like cracking open Super Mario Brothers, you realize that this kind of classic will ALWAYS be fun. In fact, the biggest problem with this game is that it reminds you of just how lousy the new castelvania games are! It would have been nice to have had more content however, and this is one area that is the line between good, and great for this game. This game is too short, and crys for at least double it's length and added content. Oh well, it's still worth the buy to my mind.