Decent port, lousy value

User Rating: 2.8 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
I have to agree with everything on the Gamespot review except for their justification of the $19.99 price tag. This is the exact same game which we all played hundreds and hundreds of times back in 1990. The review praises it's authenticity, but for 15 years later and running on a state of the art portable system it better be at the least 100% authentic! With the capacity of the GBA carts I don't see any reason why these classic games are being released separately. You're telling me it's beyond the technical capabilities of the GBA to have somehow combined this game with Excitebike and sold them as a single cart? I feel sorry for the kid on Christmas who gets this game from his well meaning grandparent, who took a confused look at the daunting displays at their local video game store and chose this game over a "real" GBA game.