The game still kicks vampire ass in 2011

User Rating: 9 | Akumajou Dracula NES
I will be reviewing this game in the context of games in 2011. The game is at it's core a difficult sidescroller where every enemy is a serious threat that could take you down. You have to learn the patterns of such enemies or rely on luck to get through the level. If you are an average gamer, you will die -ALOT! Some enemies were suprisingly unpredictable (especially those f**king monkeys).

The game was loads of fun, and really tests your basic gaming skills. Highly recommended if you can find this beautiful gem of a game. It is worthy of anybody's beaten-game-collection

All the weapons are useful in their own ways, and you have to get to know them well to beat a couple of bosses. The final boss was a pain in the ass untill you figure out what weapon works best.

I haven't played any of the other castlevania games, although those reviews will be coming next!